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The warm summer breeze flowing in through the windows, with billowing white curtains floating in the wind as the birds softly chirp outside, gives us all a feeling of peace and relaxation. If you love natural light, fresh air, and open spaces, the interior design trend of light and airy might be a trend you want to consider for your own home. Here at Webb Carpet Company in Fayetteville, NC, we’ve noticed a movement toward spaces that feel expansive and relaxing with an almost spa-like quality. Because the world around us is so demanding and fast -paced, home should be a place where family and friends come to unwind.

The interior design trend of light and airy gives us all permission to take a deep breath and enjoy our spaces. Is light and airy a visual and feeling you’re looking to achieve in your space? If so, Webb Carpet Company or stop by our showroom. Here’s wishing you a peaceful and relaxing summer!

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