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RUGS 101

 How to maintain your area rugs looking new, and clean

About Area Rugs

Whether you’re looking for a new focal point in your living space or need a new neutral base, an area rug is a great place to start!  If you’ve recently installed new hardwood floors, tile or laminate flooring, an area rug is the perfect way to help protect those new floors.  When purchasing your area rug, we highly suggest adding a rug pad underneath your rug to increase safety, extend the life of your rug and to protect that new flooring underneath your area rug.


Before buying an area rug, think about your style goals. An area rug can add an extra cozy feel to your room and is also an easy way to define a living space; especially in a larger room or in an open concept designed home.  An area rug can also infuse warmth, texture and style into your design.  You can even have fun with rugs by layering different rug patterns, colors and sizes to create contrast and excitement.


When selecting an area rug, factoring in the material is key.  There are many options from Polyester, Silk, Synthetic, Triexta, Wool, Leather, Jute, Polypropylene and more!  Take into consideration of where you rug is will be placed in your home.  Is it in a high traffic area? Do you have kids?  Are you looking for something that is stain resistant and a little more durable?  Or something that gives off a beautiful sheen, like Silk?


One last thing to consider is the construction of the area rug. This refers to how the rug is made, which can make all of the difference.  The construction determines the look, quality, texture and the life of your rug. You can choose from Flat-Weaves, Hand Hooked, Hand Knotted, Hand Tufted, Handmade, Machine Made, Printed and more at Rugs.Shop.


Area rugs can also act as a great defense against allergens.  Here are a few benefits:

  • When you choose a rug with natural fibers, such as Jute or Sisal or a synthetic rug choice like Polpropylene are great options to resist mold and mildew.
  • Can easily be removed from your living space for regular cleaning
  • Helps trap pollen particles from the air that can be then vacuumed up

Rug Cleaning 101

How do I keep my rugs clean?

Area rugs need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Have a good quality vacuum to pick up dust and dirt, and clean up spills immediately after they happen. Have your rugs cleaned professionally every few years, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations closely for maintenance suggestions and cleaning products that adhere to your warranty.

How should I clean up spills?

If you spill on a rug, address it immediately with a dry, clean cloth. This will soak up as much liquid as possible and can be used to remove any solids. Rinse the area using warm water, blotting with a cloth. When the area has dried, pass over it with a vacuum.

What else should I know about area rug maintenance?

Rotate your area rugs frequently! The rugs will wear in high-traffic areas, so rotating them will ensure that the wear occurs evenly for a uniform appearance throughout.

Depending on the placement of a rug, it may need to be cleaned more often. Rugs near entryways will become especially dirty from the frequent foot traffic to which they're exposed.

Why use a professional rug cleaning service?

Once a year, have your rugs professionally cleaned. If you vacuum time and again and your rug still looks and feels dirty, it's time for a deep cleaning. Professional cleaning is the fastest, safest, easiest option, ensuring that you'll maintain your rug's value and quality. A deep cleaning goes beyond just removing dirt from the surface - it will maintain the natural fibers of your rug, which is essential.

Professional cleaning will also help you maintain your health and that of your family, removing pollutants and dust allergens.

Annapolis Rugs does not offer professional cleaning, so we defer to local Cunningham's Rug Cleaning to provide you with service. They are MRC and IICRC certified, and we can attest personally to their experience and knowledge.

If you choose to shop elsewhere for service, be aware of the following:

  • Be wary of any company that tries to contact you via phone or one that advertises their cleaning rates by room. There will always be variation in room sizes, and ideally your bill will be based on the actual square footage of the area being cleaned.
  • Check for proper certification! Just using branded cleaning products does not indicate expertise.
  • The lowest price is not always the best - you want a thorough, quality clean, which may take time.
  • Get a written quote and agreement before the work is started, and be sure to check your warranties.