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Mohawk Cornwall Natural Teak Plank CAD16-1


Natural Teak Plank

  • 13 Colors Available

Color Variations

Mohawk Cornwall Natural Teak Plank CAD16-1
Natural Teak Plank
Mohawk Cornwall Warmed Maple Plank CAD16-2
Warmed Maple Plank
Mohawk Cornwall Harvest Oak Plank CAD16-3
Harvest Oak Plank
Mohawk Cornwall Ebony Oak CAD16-8
Ebony Oak
Mohawk Cornwall Hickory Shadow Oak CAD16-9
Hickory Shadow Oak
Mohawk Cornwall Amber Walnut Plank CAD16-12
Amber Walnut Plank
Mohawk Cornwall Antique Barn Plank CAD16-31
Antique Barn Plank
Mohawk Cornwall Burnished Oak Plank CAD16-32
Burnished Oak Plank
Mohawk Cornwall Aged Bark Oak CAD16-93
Aged Bark Oak
Mohawk Cornwall Honey Caramel Hickory CAD16-95
Honey Caramel Hickory
Mohawk Cornwall Ground Nutmeg Hickory CAD16-97
Ground Nutmeg Hickory
Mohawk Cornwall Grey Flannel Oak CAD16-98
Grey Flannel Oak
Mohawk Cornwall Toasted Butternut CAD16-99
Toasted Butternut

Product Attributes

Collection Cornwall
Color Natural Teak Plank
Shade Light
Species Teak
Surface Type Texture
Surface Texture Embossed
Edge Square Edge
Application residential
Width 7 1/2"
Length 47.25 Inches
Thickness 8 mm
Location All Grades
Look Wood
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