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Mohawk Riverleigh Windsmoke Oak CAD94-03


Windsmoke Oak

  • 6
  • Colors Available
Mohawk Riverleigh Burnished Clay Oak CAD94-05
Burnished Clay Oak
Mohawk Riverleigh Aged Barrel Oak CAD94-06
Aged Barrel Oak
Mohawk Riverleigh Country Linen Oak CAD94-02
Country Linen Oak
Mohawk Riverleigh Windsmoke Oak CAD94-03
Windsmoke Oak
Mohawk Riverleigh Gilded Oak CAD94-04
Gilded Oak
Mohawk Riverleigh Canvas Oak CAD94-01
Canvas Oak

Product Attributes

Collection Riverleigh
Color Windsmoke Oak
Shade Medium
Species Oak
Surface Type Texture
Surface Texture Embossed
Edge Milled/Milled
Application Residential
Width 7 1/2"
Length 47.25 Inches
Thickness 8 mm
Location All Grades
Look Wood
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