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The Exclusivity of Custom Rugs

A custom rug is a piece of art that adds immense value to your home. It also allows for a large amount of personal expression and is a key design element for beautiful, outstanding and unique spaces. When it comes to designing spaces, creativity and design can be limitless. People with discerning tastes prefer to move away from what can be called standard or run-of-the-mill products and want customized pieces that will be a true reflection of their individual style and personality.

Webb Carpet understands this need and brings to you custom rugs via our custom rug program. These extremely versatile products are a tribute to your impeccable style and you can choose the rugs that match the décor and style in your home.

Why Use Custom Rugs?

There are some distinct bonuses to ordering custom area rugs. We have custom pieces for every need, style and budget and you are bound to find ones that will be the perfect answer to all your decorating needs. Our exquisite customized rugs can:

  • Be the unique starting point or the foundation on which the décor of the entire room can be coordinated. In this case the rug becomes the focal point of the room
  • Depending on the piece you choose, a rug can be the colorful finishing touch and add a complete look to the décor
  • Define spaces very effectively
  • You can also create spaces with these rugs and seating arrangements can be positioned around them
  • They can be used to add color to a particularly muted or earthy corner in a room and add that dash of contrast to light up the area
  • You can order ones that match seasons or occasions
  • They add perspective and dimension to any space
  • They add warmth and luxury to a room, when you lay them on top of any wall-to-wall carpeting

A Matter of Finish and Style

Custom rugs we offer are cut and bound from any of the carpeting we currently offer in multiple finishes and you can get them in the size, shape and color you want. You can opt for styled border or simple border rugs. If you prefer detailed designs, we have those too and the ones with intricate designs can add a luxurious touch to any room.

Only the Best Will Do

You can also decide exactly what your budget for the custom rugs is going to be. The price of the rug will be dependent on the material used, the styling, the intricacy and artistry as well as the size. Shaw residential carpet brand is reputed for the high-quality custom rugs it makes.

It is renowned for its innovative, complex but affordable custom rugs that always exceed customer expectations. In collaborating with this established brand, Webb Carpet strives to bring the best custom rugs to hundreds of customers in Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas.

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