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Comfort, Slip Protection, and More

Why Use Rug Pads?

Adding area rugs to any room that has hardwood flooring serves an aesthetic and a practical purpose. Though these rugs will sit pretty on your floor and add comfort to your home, they will also slide and move. It is a fallacy that only bad quality rugs can cause scratching.

There are times when the rugs of very good quality, with good packing, will also cause damage to hardwood floors. This damage occurs because the coarseness of the dirt, dust and grit that gets trapped under the area rugs ends up scratching the wooden flooring underneath.

The Right Choice

Through our partnership with Rugs.Shop, Webb Carpet is able to provide you with highest-quality rugs with the best packing. But we still suggest that area rug padding be used. This will go a long way in protecting your expensive flooring and finishing in the long run. However, you should know that selecting a rug pad is quite a complex task. Using the right kind of rug pads has numerous advantages:

  • Rug Pads will extend the life-span of your hardwood flooring. It protects wooden flooring from discoloration and scratching. Apart from this, since it provides additional padding, it also helps in preventing wear and tear
  • Using the right kind of rug pads reduce the chances of slipping
  • They keep the rugs in place and prevent folds and wrinkles in the rugs, thus adding to the life-span of these high-quality pieces
  • They offer cushioning and comfort and add a feeling of luxury to the room
  • They have acoustic benefits
  • They also prevent color transfer and you can protect your floor from staining
  • It makes vacuuming these areas very easy


The Right Selection

Just as there are several advantages to using rug pads, there are few things you should keep in mind while buying them. As far as possible, match the pads to the color of the rug. The material of the rug pad is very important. Opt for high-quality padding material that is made from fused carpet fibers. It should also have a rubberized non-slip backing material. This offers it extra cushioning and makes it non-slip.

This will help in holding the area rugs firmly to the hardwood flooring. Ideally the padding should be 1/4" in thickness. This provides the right amount of comfort and grip to the rug. With the right maintenance, it can last for up to 10 years. It will prevent rug wear and slippage.

Rug Protection

If you want to use a rug pad on a carpeted floor, you will have to buy a different kind of underlay. This may be made of 2 polyester fabrics that have been needle-punched together permanently. These rug pads are made specifically for use on carpets as they do not flatten, rot or shed any fibers. No matter what kind of area rug you have, Webb Carpet always suggests that you use rug pads for them. We serve Fayetteville as well as the surrounding areas.

RUG PADS in Fayetteville, NC

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